The Infinite Wisdom of Grandmother Spider

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.
                                                                                                                -Carl Jung


art by: Aaron Pauquette

art by: Aaron Pauquette

The other day as I was taking my dog Chloe for a walk, we came across an upturned green pan that had been filled by the previous night’s rains.  On the surface of the water were eight spiders skittering about.  It struck me as significant, and I spent the rest of our morning stroll through the neighborhood contemplating the symbolism.  Spiders (and black ones, at that).  Water (specifically its surface).  The number Eight.

Spiders weave their world.  They create their destiny.   Many cultures view spiders as holders of fate, possessors of great wisdom– with the ability to foresee the future.  Grandmother Spider. They are oracular.  Black is the color of surrender, the shadow, and the absence of light:  the unknown.  As the spiders skirt and skim over the reflective water’s surface it reminded me of how important it is to bring the subconscious up to the surface and take a closer look at our Shadow-selves.  To reflect upon the mirror-like qualities that are constantly surrounding us all, and that above all: we weave our own destinies; we are infinite beings, just like the number Eight.  The symbol of infinity.  The lemniscate.  Eternal, continual, perpetuating energy that can neither be displaced nor dispersed.  Eight is also the number of financial abundance (the number Four, manifestation in the physical realm: doubled.)  What a brilliant, poignant message to receive from the Universe.

The Infinite Wisdom of Grandmother Spider

I am an infinite being: weaving my own realities

as I bring forth my Shadow into the light of Dawn for integration.  

Abundant, wise, all-knowing.

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