The Crux of the Grand Cardinal Cross

Crux Square flyerJoin me online for a Three Day “Crux of the Cardinal Cross” Journey April 20th – 23rd as the Grand Cardinal Cross reaches its zenith. The Cross has been building since January, and we’ll feel its effect through July; April 23rd marks the moment when it is most complete. And most intense.

What EXACTLY is going on up there? Well, the four cardinal astrological signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are at 90’ angles with each other, paired up with Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars.

Mars in Libra: (I move into balance and seek peace)
Uranus in Aries: (I suddenly act with impulsiveness)
Jupiter in Cancer: (I have strong emotions pulling me into my shell)
Capricorn in Pluto: (My world is controlled, steady, and pragmatic)

Crosses are exactly that: cross. They create tension and friction, which generates a palpable rawness that sets nearly everyone into dis-comfort and dis-ease. The beauty of this is found when the awareness of the discomfort is observed and utilized as inspiration to generate positive (ie: useful) change. That useful change is exactly the phase we’ll be moving into the second half of 2014.

This Three Day Journey is meant to be a supportive, informative voyage through the cosmic gauntlet offering practical meditations, tools, and exercises to aid you in releasing that which no longer serves you, just as the Serpent sheds her skin and the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Journey will include:

Daily Meditations to begin each day
Specialized Journaling Topics
Practical Pranayam (breathing work)
Ayurveda Meal recipes
Step by Step Holistic Care Cleanses (and contraindications)
Online resources and links for further study
A “Secret” Facebook group for Community Support
Sliding Scale Private Sessions with Sushila (April 15th- 30th)

Ready to alchemize and rise up from the ashes?

Sign up here for the Crux of the Cardinal Cross ( 88. )
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*limited partial and full scholarships available.

Email to inquire.

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