Shifting perspectives, and priorities.

Hello dear hearts!

Another week has passed and much has transpired.  Registration for Women’s Mysteries Circle is in full swing, and inquiries are pouring in.  (I realize my site says registration is closed… I assure you it isn’t! I’m working to update that; however, space is limited to 13 women.) Reiki Apprenticeship requests are also flowing in and those students will be decided upon soon.  If you’re interested and October’s spaces are filled, we can waitlist you for November or the new year.

I am focused deeply on the best ways to be of service to you.  I am becoming clearer and clearer on my purpose, my work, my boundaries.  I am joyfully saying “no” and “yes” with clarity and conviction.  I invite you to do the same.  If something is calling to your soul: embrace it.  Dance it. Sing it. Weave it into your reality. We are the creators and creatrices of our experiences.  Whether you practice spell weaving, or law of attraction, or work it out with dandelion wishes: own your power. Find the joy in saying “no” and “yes” when it’s for your highest good, because it feels good to be on purpose.

I find immense joy in supporting clients and students in empowering themselves. One of the most potent ways to do so is to determine where your priorities lie.  When you know what resonates in your very bones, what makes you get up in the morning, it’s easy to become inspired and to find joy in your nos and your yeses.

How? Perspective.

Find your “why”.  Why is your aspiration and inspiration.  Maybe it’s a once in a lifetime adventure.  Maybe it’s the light in your child’s eyes.  Maybe it’s a problem that needs solving and you’re the innovative force that’s going to crack open the conundrum.  Find your “why”.  Prioritize around that. Say “yes” to the things that resonate at the same frequency as your Why.  Say “no” with a smile to the things that simply don’t.  You can hold gratitude in your heart for BOTH. Can you…?

My “Why” is twofold.  The first will always be my child. My sunshine. My reason for being.  The second is my deep desire to support others stepping into their truth.  I can do so through teaching.  Women’s Mysteries Circle. Sisterhood of the Lapis Moon. Reiki. Monthly focused workshops.  I can do this through prayer and spell work.  Dressing candles on your behalf.  Crafting customized spell kits for you to use at your own altar. Weaving spells, writing rituals, and praying in my own hallowed space on your behalf. Tarot and oracle readings.  Energy and light work.  These are my gifts to you.  Ways that I can bolster you on your own journey.  That’s my purpose. That’s my heart’s desire.  What is yours?

So now, I am more clear in my boundaries.
I’m more focused in my work. I’m clearer in my purpose. I’m saying no more, and saying yes more, and smiling more.  My perspective is a gift.  My priorities are aligned and my boundaries are intact.  I trust myself and my journey.  And it’s brimming with appreciation and gratitude.  If you’d like a lil of this… find me, and we’ll make magic together.


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      Thank you! I took such a long break from blogging that I felt like I needed to play “catch up” the first few weeks, and now I’m (re)finding my groove. I appreciate your reading, and your feedback! If there’s ever a topic you’d like me to address, please let me know. -S.

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