Reiki, workshops, and WMC, oh my!

This is the quickest of check ins, dearhearts.

This week has been overflowing with prayer requests, commissions for spell weavings and custom spell kits, psychic work, animal communication, and much teaching. It’s far past my bedtime, but I’ve found a moment to catch my breath and wanted to ensure I reached out to you.

First and foremost: Happy October! Samhain is right around the bend, and I’m really enjoying the energies this year. It helps my little one is beside himself with Halloween enthusiasm. I’ll write more about the upcoming Sabbat next week.

Quick! quick!

  1.  I am accepting two Reiki Level One students in October. An eight week intensive to establish a strong personal reiki practice.  Distance students are welcome to apply. We meet via phone or Skype once a week.
  2. Sunday, October 8th in Portland, OR I am teaching a (2)hr workshop on Ritual Basics: Tools & Supplies.  It will be an engaging, hands-on class with lots of Q&A and applicable info for all you budding witches. ($25)
  3. Registration for WOMEN’S MYSTERIES CIRCLE is officially open for 2018(!)

I promised you a lil background on Women’s Mysteries Circle. It is a full solar year (12 month) and full lunar year (13 moon) online, immersive school. The year is divided as the Wheel, each season marks a turning and its own chapter. We explore the four faces of the Divine Feminine. Each month you receive access to a live stream, interactive lecture, as well as a monthly assignment to challenge and inspire you. Weekly check-ins are offered by me personally, to support you and compel you along your inner journey.

We look at the “whys?” Why do adhere to this ideology? Why do I experience these phases in my life?

We look at the “whats?” What would my experience be if I dropped/ shifted/ or further delved into this belief system? What would occur if I fully embodied these aspects of my nature?

We look at the “hows?” How has this thought pattern shaped me? How can I cultivate a deeper relationship with myself, and ultimately with the Divine?

We look at the “whos?” Who led me to this belief? Who inspires me?

We look at the “whens?” When did my attitude with this concept shift? When did I realize I was worthy of so much more?

If you’d like to question all it is to be a woman in this day and age, and discover, together, just how to cultivate more out of your life, and meld the mundane with the magical, this course is for you. Harness your magic. It’s time.



***you can always click on “connect” on my site to contact me, or simply email me at: to register, inquire about coursework, or simply say “hello!”

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