On the Horizon: what’s in store

Thank you.

My gratitude to each of you for showing up and being present with both me and my work is boundless. From my heart to yours: thank you. You inspire me, and compel me to continually evolve in an effort to bring that which will be of most service to each of you.

On that note! There is so much unfolding between now and the closing of 2017. Read on.

I am newly inspired to work deeply in training reiki apprenctices. I believe reiki is a foundational modality that would be of benefit to all. In times of great flux and uncertainty, the ability to channel universal light through your being to facilitate balance and harmony is priceless. I am looking to closely work with 2-3 students, in the next week or two.  Reiki Level One Apprenticeship is an (8) week commitment. What better holiday gift to bestow upon yourself than the ability to facilitate your own healing? If you would like to learn more, reach out. Let’s talk. Long distance students are welcome, always. Reiki knows no bounds.

Speaking of long distance students and followers of my work: ask and ye shall receive!  You’ve been wanting more, and so here it is. Starting in October I will be offering a weekly Facebook Livestream series of teachings. Each Sunday at 8pm I’ll be offering a private teaching (30min, sometimes longer… I like to talk!) that will meld the mundane and magical. We’ll be looking at that week’s astrology, and current events, and I’ll be sharing tips and tools to make the most of your week. Tuition will grant you access to the month’s teachings (which will also be recorded in case you’re running late one night!) and allow you to ask me questions in real time, or after the fact. I’ll engage actively with y’all throughout the week, as well. If you’re loving it, and want to continue, simply sign up for the next month. There’s no commitment, and you can come and go, month to month, as you choose. Interested? Message me for registration and tuition details. ($56 each month)

And last but certainly not least, for my locals: Here are the upcoming workshops I’ll be offering in Portland, OR in October. Message me to register.
($25 per workshop | $111 all five)
12:30-2:30pm SE Portland

Oct 1: Shielding & Filtering
Oct 8: Ritual Basics: tools & supplies
Oct 15: Candle Magic: beyond basics
Oct 22: Hex Busting: uncrossings & protection
Oct 29: Ancestor Veneration: honoring our lineage

*these workshops are geared toward women and those who identify as femme at this time. I do have male-centric courses in the works, however, they’re not quite ready to be birthed at this time.


PS: look for a special announcement next week, with the turning of the Wheel

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