Monday, April 28th: Moon Day Musings

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Good Morning Loves!

Happy Moon Day!

If you’re reading this, you either receive my Monday Musings delivered to your inbox each week, or you stumbled across this message with a bit of divine guidance and timing.  Regardless how you came across this note, know that I am deeply appreciative and humbled by all of you taking the time to read, ask questions, and challenge me to be the best version of myself possible.  I am continually striving to share my ruminations and musings with you all– I realize we’re all reflections of one another, and if it’s on my mind?  It’s probably crossed yours as well.

This week’s musings include lots of information about the Grand Cardinal Cross (including post-cross self-care), prosperity, and tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse.

Read on, and I’ll share my Musings about the energies that are embodied by the Moon’s Day. 

This morning as I was procrastinating rising from bed, it crossed my mind:  What is it about Mondays that cause us all to be such grumpy, grumbly grouches?  I’ve had my “official” work day start on almost every (other) day of the week at some point in my life, and yet?  Mondays always get me down.  Well.  They used to.  Not any longer.

Here are my Moon Day Musings for you, on this Monday morning.

Monday, so named after the moon is a day of reflection.  Contemplation.  Integration.  Quietness.  Stillness.  It’s very Yin.  Passive.  Receptive.

None of the things we occupy our time with on Mondays, at all.  We are constantly at odds– verily, at war with the energies this day embodies.  It’s simply not in alignment to be hustling and bustling and left-brain dominant.  Another example of how far from our intuition we’ve strayed.

                                                                                                          I invite you to listen to your soul.

morning tea

Are you in a position to adjust your work week, or schedule?  Then make the shift.  Start later on Monday, or simply start your work week on Tuesday.  Sunday is a beautiful day, energetically speaking, to bask and revel in the joys of creating, and to honor the sun (rain or shine). Allow Monday to be your day of Integration.  At the very least: start an hour later, allow your body to rise to its own rhythm.  Spend your first wakeful moments in meditation.  Savor a cup of tea.  Contemplate your gratitudes from the past week.  Begin your day (and your week) with grace and ease.  Softly.  Quietly.  From the eye of the storm.

I invite you now:  to stop what you’re doing.  Breathe in the innate serenity of this Moon Day morning, and exhale all the unnecessary stressors you’ve taken on for the day.  Inhale Love.  Exhale Gratitude.

Start your week off right.  Start it off in appreciation.  Make Monday *YOUR* day.

In honor of today’s Moon Day, tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus, the Solar Eclipse, and the beginning of the release of the Grand Cardinal Cross, I’m offering to *you*, my dear Loves, a 30 minute intuitive session with me for only $33, today through April 30th.  All you have to do is connect with me, and mention this Moon Day Offering.

Warmly, and with deep gratitude.


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3 comments on “Monday, April 28th: Moon Day Musings
  1. Kristnh says:

    Even though my current work week usually starts on Tuesday, I always feel kinda blue on Mondays, and like I’m forgetting to be somewhere ( due to ten years of monm-Fri work week. I love that I can integrate these ideas into my new Monday outlook.

    • Sushila says:

      I had that experience for a long time as well, Kristnh (the almost guilty feeling of projected responsibility on Mondays). The more I attune myself to the intrinsic energies that are surrounding me, the easier its become to embrace their cyclic nature, and allow my own rhythms to harmonize. For example: this morning I spent in contemplation of my new living space, and in what ways I could further beautify it, to make it feel even more inviting and supportive of my lifestyle and work. I came t to a few realizations, and spent the afternoon quietly window-shopping and “gathering” ideas and inspiration. Zero intent to hunt down specific items. Not on a mission to conquer a to-do list. I simply mozied (how DO you spell that word??) about, and in the process found some items that delighted my soul and made my heart purr. I brought them home and they immediately “fit right in”, as though they’d always lived with me. The reflection, ooey-gooey slowness (coupled with a trip to the ice cream shop) and the willingness to ALLOW things to transpire resulted in a surprisingly and unexpectedly “productive” afternoon. I’d love to hear from you in a few weeks, after adjusting your Moon Day routine, to see how it’s serving you.


  2. Monday has always been my favorite day of the week! Something about fresh starts, new beginnings. Last week I decided that Mondays could be a “Me-day” if I adjust my schedule. I’m going to give it a go and see how delicious it feels to reclaim Mondays for myself.

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