May Day Celebration

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Good morning, Loves!

Many took the joyous opportunity to celebrate Beltane this past weekend– a joyous May Day Celebration of fertility and play.  It’s a wonderful reminder that around the world, people are embracing and reveling in the rites of Spring and all that entails.  Bonfires, food, games and sport, and sensuality.  How are you embracing your flirtatious side?  Your sensuality?  Your desire to collaborate and create?

This weekend I watched my sweet son as he sat in the lap of our housemate, and “played” the piano with her.  Their desire to create together, albeit, quite discordantly as he’s only 14 months old, was still very apparent.  He followed her lead, gently touching the keys as she played melodic chords, then banging joyously when she increased the tempo.  Both were pink cheeked and giggling by the end of their jam session, and I thought to myself:  what better May Day Celebration could there possibly be?  Laughter.  Music.  Creation.  Pure, unadulterated joy.

Find ways to imbue your May with glee.  Express your creativity, your sensuality, your playfulness with unabashed joy.  Be unapologetic in your revelries; just as the flowers are unapologetic in their blossoming.  Grant yourself permission to make each day this month a May Day Celebration. Whether it’s through gardening and getting your toes in the verdant soil, visualizing yourself as your favorite blossoming tree, dancing in a spring storm, or performing a Beltane ritual– embrace, embrace, embrace the exuberance of late Spring, and take advantage of this season’s burgeoning abundance and prosperity.


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