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On the Horizon: what’s in store

Thank you. My gratitude to each of you for showing up and being present with both me and my work is boundless. From my heart to yours: thank you. You inspire me, and compel me to continually evolve in an

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Elementals: Quarter Calling & Circle Casting

June 2014  |  Sundays 4-5:30 PM A powerful, 5 week intensive on “how to” cast a circle, call in the quarters, and cultivate a powerful relationship with the elementals. This workshop is limited to 5 inspired, dynamic individuals. Registration:  $150

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The Crux of the Grand Cardinal Cross

Crux Square flyer

Join me online for a Three Day “Crux of the Cardinal Cross” Journey April 20th – 23rd as the Grand Cardinal Cross reaches its zenith. The Cross has been building since January, and we’ll feel its effect through July; April

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Beingness: Meditation & Pranayama

What is “quieting the mind?” What does that look like? More importantly: What does that feel like? Learn the foundational practice of shamatha, as well as basic pranayama techniques for cultivating mindfulness, focus, and deeper presence. May 24th | 30.

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Circle Casting 101: Energy and Elementals

Learn the basics in Circle Casting 101: raising and releasing energy as well as working with and calling in the elements. Foundational knowledge for any active ritual-based spiritual practice. This workshop will be an experiential and interactive, as well as highly

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Sacred Sex: Magnetizing to Merging

Dropping the “woo” and getting real (and earthy) about what it means to be in sacred union. The perfect workshop for those seeking to attract an integral partner, as well as those currently in relationship, looking to delve deeper into

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