Autumn’s Approach

Friday heralds the end of the week, and the end of a fiery summer season. Tonight as I write to you, the first true rain we’ve had in months here in Portland is pattering against the window pane, and quenching our parched land. The collective sigh of relief was audible this afternoon when the heavy silver clouds finally surrendered and began pouring out.

One of my favorite things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the definitive seasons. Summer is hot and raging and, this year, smelt of the burnt offerings of our beloved Columbia Gorge, punctuated by a red sun.  It has been unapologetically the season of fire.  Fire consumes, more importantly, fire transforms.

And now we step into Autumn. The Wheel turns another rotation, Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox is upon us, and we find ourselves in the season of watery reflection. The feminine waters draw us inward, invite us to slow down, curl up with a cuppa, and contemplate.  The equinoxes are when Gaia pauses, and catches Her breath. Take note.  Emulate the seasons.  Vesta (dwarf planet/ asteroid of hearth and service) entered into Libra (Sunday night) giving us permission to catch our breath before delving deeper into our service (to others and self). With Friday’s equinox we also find the sun entering Libra; even the moon will be in libra, at least in the morning hours. Libra, The Scales. Find your balance. And from there, find your purpose.  Pause. Breathe. Feel into your strengths and weaknesses. Find time this upcoming weekend to regain your balance.  Reestablish your relationship with your intuition.  Begin your harvest: call in that which nurtures you, cull that which is ready to be released.  If you find yourself struggling to step into these energies, sit at the feet of the Crone, this is Her season after all, and listen.  There is as much wisdom to be gained from Her silence, as from Her words.


At each major quarter-turn of the Wheel I’m reminded of the story of the Holly King and the Oak King. This year while gathering acorns with my son, I had the pleasure of sharing the lore with him, while pointing out the holly growing at the base of a mighty oak; reaching for the Crown.

Holly and Oak. Ever-locked in battle. Ever being conquered or defeated, depending on where we find ourselves on the Wheel of the Year.  The Equinoxes always find our Kings evenly matched, pitting themselves against each other, almost to a standstill. Who will triumph and reign supreme over the next six months? Who will succumb, and retreat to the Underworld?  This is why the Earth holds Her breath. This is the pause. This is the stillness we all feel… if we’re present enough to take notice. This is where the scales tip.

What comes next? The answers lie within, if you’re willing to ask the right questions.

What wars have you been waging? Against yourself? Others? Are you evenly matched?  What must you call upon in order to succeed? Pause. Breathe. Feel into your strengths and weaknesses. Reflect in Autumn’s waters. Find your balance. And from there, find your purpose.

Blessed Mabon, dear loves.

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