A Witches’ Thanksgiving

This weekend I celebrated Mabon, the harvest holy day, with my priestesses.

The Sisterhood of the Lapis Moon is a private circle of my intermediate, and intermediate to advanced students. These witches are from across the country– and from time to time– across the globe. All have completed the year long journey that is Women’s Mysteries Circle (which I’ll be writing about in depth next week…). The Sisterhood is a gathering of dedicated women. Initiated and ordained Priestesses in our new-pagan tradition, honor the four faces and phases of the Divine Feminine through celebration and ritual. We gather virtually for each Sabbat, and in person when our paths cross. Our annual Winter Solstice retreat on the Oregon Coast brings us together. Monthly we gather for a lecture that is rooted in tradition and steeped in magic. We discuss the turning of the wheel, spellwork, current events (both mundane and cosmic); we share in each other’s joys and sorrows. Celebrating victories, and offering support through hardship.

Lapis Moon is in its third year, and we are hitting our stride. I’m sharing the presence of this Circle with you all as a reflection of my deep gratitude for this work that I have been entrusted with. It is my heart’s desire to cultivate compassionate, meaningful community; I truly feel as though the seeds I have been cultivating for years now have more than taken root– they are thriving and reaching enthusiastically toward the heavens. I’m humbled each day by the strength and wisdom these women bring forth, and I’m delightedly curious to see which sisters from Women’s Mysteries Circle will dive into the next wisdom pool with us.

Deep work is both my passion and my hallmark. I pray that my words will ring true, and be a clarion call for those also looking to delve deep into their personal truths. Perhaps we’ll walk this Path together.

Below are images from the Mabon Ritual held on Sauvie Island with the local Priestesses. A glimpse of the beauty we crafted that day.

Mabon Wheel of the Year, Sauvie Island, Oregon


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