A change in the weather

Welcome back!

Change is afoot. The air is becoming crisper, cooler, and the clouds are hanging heavy; ripe with the promise of rains to come. The Pacific Northwest, where I call home, has been ablaze with wildfires, and emotions are high.

As I ease back into writing to you regularly, while working frenetically behind the scenes to alchemize myself and my work, I invite you all to breathe into, and lean into the changes you’re invariably being presented with.

This past solar eclipse was all about “metamorphosis”, and the drastic change it has ushered in over the past two weeks has been undeniable: hurricanes, wildfire, an earthquake. Are you too, feeling shaken to your core? Find your center. Remember that emotions are energy in motion. At their core, they are fuel. When strong emotions arise, will you harness the power they contain? Or will you allow yourself to be tossed wildly about?

If you need tools to learn how to process, integrate, and harness the emotions and energies you’re experiencing, reach out and ask for support; either from myself, or a trusted mentor. You’re not meant to weather every storm alone.


PS: I have so much in store for you… so much. Watch your inboxes.

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